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No One Wants to See the Wires 

A Performance Directed by Curtis Walker of Impetus Arts 


The first phase of this project was hosted by THE ALEMBIC SERIES at PERFORMANCE WORKS NW 2008.

We were sold out every night.  Our second phase was August 2009

The next phase will take place in March of 2011. We have new cast members and will show new and redeveloped material.


No One Wants To See the Wires follows artists Carole Zoom, Julie Osborn, Bill Alton, and Marian Dixon down a rabbit hole as they regale us with escapades filled with wit, grief and hope.  This event interweaves autobiographical stories of 3 very different people to expose what makes them tick and what goes on behind the scenes when you live with disabilities.

The Original Cast:


  Carole Zoom

Following a long and unexpected stay in ICU, Carole Zoom started to use art and performance as her way of expressing her transition from independence to interdependence: undergoing a tracheostomy, using a ventilator, and needing personal assistants full-time. Through her artwork she expresses observations on growing up when people with disabilities had no civil rights and becoming an organizer in the disability rights arena.

Julie Osborn

Julie Osborn has been impacted by cerebral palsy since birth.  It has provided her with a singular life experience and ample creative source material.  She is a writer, an actress, a singer, and for 10 years was the founder and artistic director of Portland Accessible Theater.

Bill Alton

In his childhood, Bill Alton's brother dropped a stone on his head from the roof of their house, fracturing Bill's skull. Since then, Bill trembles.  In his teens he developed a heroin addiction and mental illness. He was committed to a hospital from which he had to escape.  Now Bill is an actor, a poet, a storyteller, a husband and father.

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