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Stories, music, art, dance, and speeches by artists and activists who fall outside the boxes of

race, ability and/or gender

Image: Black and white head shots of lead artists

Curtis L. Walker and Bobby Fouther.

We are artists of color with disabilities creating and advocating for Justice! We are multiracial and multicultural disabled dancers and activists! We are immigrant writers! We are black mothers fighting against the institutionalization of our adult children! We are white trans musicians striving for Racial and Disability Justice! We are hard of hearing poets! We are genderqueer chronically ill filmmakers! We are survivors being judged, institutionalized, and held back from housing and careers, yet we create on! We are performing and speaking October 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 at Zoomtopia Studio 2, 810 SE Belmont.

Three years in the making, social justice theater company Impetus Arts presents an ambitious showing across the first two weekends of October. This series, called FallOut, will feature original stories and art from local community artists, interspersed with film and speeches from out-of-town guest artists and speakers.

Featured presenters include: social justice activist and writer Emi Koyama; disabled writer, activist and filmmaker Billie Rain; mother and Racial and Disability Justice activist Cindi Fischer; and visual artist and choreographer Bobby Fouther. Other local artists include: Corinthia Bethune, Ptery P. Lieght, Tess Raunig, Heiko Spoddeck, and Curtis Walker.

This festival covers themes such as: race, disability, family, HIV, water, gender, grief, forced psychiatric institutionalization, revolution, abuse, gay marriage, masks both metaphoric and disability related, negative survivorship, and romance.

Because chemicals and scents make some of the performers and audience members extremely ill, a strict chemical and scent free policy will be enforced.

All events will be either ASL interpreted or closed captioned.

Tickets vary per event and range from free to $15; $25 for a weekend pass. $35 for a full festival pass. No one is turned away for lack of funds! For pricing and details please see full calendar http://impetusarts.org/Impetus_Arts/FallOut_Calendar.html

Performance schedule overview:

Friday, October 3rd:

7pm Open Mic Night.

        Sign interpreters will interpret sign to voice and voice to sign. If you        

        identify as D/deaf, Disabled, Black, Indigenous, as an Immigrant and/

        or a Person of Color, please come share your dance, storytelling,

        singing/music or sing karaoke etc and get in free. Audience members

        welcome of all identities.

9pm Free short film screening of:

        - Sins Invalid: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty.

        - salaMEanderings

Saturday, October 4th:

7pm Feature film screening - R/EVOLVE directed by Billie Rain and

        written and produced by Basil Shadid

Sunday, October 5:

4pm live music, dance, storytelling, and projection featuring guest artist

        Bobby Fouther with other local performers.

6pm Free film screening of:

        - Sins Invalid: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty.

        - salaMEanderings

Friday, October 10:

7pm Live music, dance, writing, and projection featuring guests Billie Rain

        and Emi Koyama as well as local artists

Saturday, October 11:

7pm Emi Koyama speaking on Negative Survivorship.

9pm Feature length film screening of Heart Breaks Open.

Sunday, October 12:

4pm live variety performance featuring Billie Rain and Bobby Fouther as            

        well as local artists.

6pm Cindi Fisher speaks on Forced Psychiatry and Psychiatric Abuse of

        African Americans

See full calendar of event http://impetusarts.org/Impetus_Arts/FallOut_Calendar.html


Because some of the artists and audience members have multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and get extremely ill from perfumes and chemicals, all audience members are required to be chemical and scent free for all events. Those wearing chemicals and perfumes will be turned away. FallOut organizers advise that scents and chemicals will include perfume, deodorant, hairspray, and scented makeup, and that audience members should be prepared in advance to use only scent free shampoo, soap, and laundry detergent a full 24 hours before attending, as well as to come in clothing that has not been smoked in, including during show intermissions. FallOut organizers will provide information on how to be scent free at impetusarts.org a week before the performance including inexpensive or free home remedies/alternatives, and product suggestions. Those who wish to attend that are low income or need assistance purchasing products are encouraged to contact Curtis Walker at 971.275.0794.

Funded in part by The Regional Arts and Cultural Council and Multnomah County Cultural Coalition.

For further information about FallOut, please contact director Curtis Walker at 971.275.0794 or impetusarts@yahoo.com.